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Surprising Rules Royal Children Have To Follow

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Movies have a tendency to weave fairytales out of being royal. We get fed images of waking up in silk bed sheets in palaces that are centuries old, with servants answering every beck and call and a social calendar filled with royal playdates. It might be grand to be a prince or a princes, but there are a lot of demanding rules royal children have to follow. It's not all just riding on ponies and playing in two story playhouses. Their days are structured, and they are oftentimes filled with advanced classes, etiquette courses, and royal functions. 

While royal parents try to provide their kids with relatively normal childhoods, there are still a lot of rules royal children have to keep in mind. Some of these rules clicked into action the first week they were born, like being baptized in order to show respect to the queen, or not getting a traditional surname. Other rules revolve around strict aristocratic etiquette, like having to bow or curtsy to their grandmother. Then there are those quirky rules that have a story behind them, like not being able to play Monopoly inside the palace. Ahead are all of the surprising rules royal children have to follow!