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The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Baby Names

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There's something undeniably charming about classic baby names. Whether you love old school names that have stuck around on the popularity charts or are looking for that hidden gem from one hundred years ago, there are so many beautiful vintage baby names with modern appeal. And, if you happen to be looking for a name that's uncommon today but still familiar and not too outside-the-box, classic names are a great place to start.

The following old school baby names were popular far before we were even born — they're the heirloom baby names you might have passed down in your family from generation to generation. Nonetheless, even if they aren't part of your family tree, these vintage baby names are still fantastic choices for your little one on the way. In fact, we've compiled more than 100 vintage baby names for your viewing pleasure, so you're likely to find more than a few you love!

From Ophelia to Felix, this list will surprise you with many classic names that are also on-trend. With any luck, you might find the winning baby names you've been seeking. Just don't forget to think about middle names, too. These vintage baby names cover all the bases.