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These Celeb Parents And Their Lookalike Kids Will Make You Do A Double Take

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Genetics are weird. Depending on how everything lines up with a child's genes (and whether these genes are dominant, recessive, etc.), they can end up looking like a 50/50 mix between their parents, have their own unique look apart from their parents, or favor one parent over the other. And then there are those instances when a child comes out looking like a spitting image of their mom or their dad — so much so, they're practically their parent's minis.

Having a lookalike child can be a source of pride for parents. But for kids, growing up having others constantly tell them they look just like their mom or that they're quite literally their dad's twin can be annoying for sure. (Or maybe they secretly think it's cool, but just won't admit it.) Either way, outsiders can't help but to observe and marvel over how much kids who are essentially mini versions of their parents look exactly like good old mom/dad. And when it comes to celebrities, the attention on kids' and parents' similarities is often magnified.

Let's take a closer look at celeb parents and their minis. Because for many stars, it's clear their genes are the dominant ones.