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Weird Secrets About Disneyland Straight From The People Who Work There

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Disneyland is "the happiest place on earth," and the minute you step through the front gate's turnstiles, you're transported into a magical kingdom full of dreams and adventures. While it's definitely a fairy tale experience for ticket holders, what is it like for the employees that work there day in and day out, and sometimes for years? For many seasoned cast members, it's always a treat making people smile every single day. But for others, the grind makes Disneyland feel like any other work environment — which is full of its fair share of gossip, romances, and insider knowledge. 

And luckily for us, plenty of cast members have been more than happy to talk about their experiences over the years. Scroll down to see all the weird things we didn't know about working at Disneyland. Many people reported a "high school like" quality about working at the Disney parks, where the princesses are the cool girls and everyone has a place in the hierarchy. Others clued us into insider knowledge that a normal guest might not know about, like how cast members actively look for guests to create magical moments for. And others gave us the inside scoop on ghost stories and urban legends. These tidbits will give you a new appreciation for the parks!